Remarkable Improvement in Security Situation in First month of ceasefire

According to Conflict Monitoring Center’s Monthly Security Report (MSR) one month of ceasefire between TTP and government have seen remarkable reduction is militant attacks in the country especially in FATA and KP province. Reduction in militant attacks is observed in all provinces except Punjab where already militant attacks remain lowest in the country. Overall 41 percent decline in militant attacks was observed during the month. From 1st of March to 31st of March 2014, militants carried out 115 violent activities in which 132 people died and 246 injured. Almost fifty percent decline in fatalities and casualties was also observed during the period. Number of suicide attacks also declined as only two suicide attacks were recorded by the CMC during compare to six each in January and February of the current year. During the ceasefire, security forces shifted their focus on intelligence based operation in mainland Pakistan. Security forces’ actions against militants and insurgents saw increase in Balochistan and Sindh while they declined in rest of the county. Number of militants killed in security forces’ actions dropped to just 15 compared to 150 in February. Number of arrests of suspected militants saw an unprecedented increase during the month as 1078 suspected militants were arrested compared to 143 in previous month. for more click here


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